Matcha Foodpairing in Summer

Have you heard of the concept of “Foodpairing”? It is the art of combining various food ingredients which pair exceptionally well from a flavor perspective. The ingredient combination deriving from professional Foodpairing are frequently used in haute cuisine menu compositions, and can unveil unexpected taste experiences. What is more, the concept of Foodpairing is also a great inspiration for the successful use of new, exotic ingredients.

Matcha is such an exotic ingredient. The typical “umami”-taste (japanese “umami” = “good taste”), is not yet as established in the Western world as it is in its home country Japan. Over here we are much more used to the other 4 tastes: sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Umami, however, can be combined successfully with all four other, classic, tastes. This is why we take the chance to present some ingredient-arrangements with Matcha, which offer various ways to enjoy Matcha in summer drinks or other recipe ideas.


One extraordinary example for the combination of umami + sour is the interplay between Matcha and lime. Especially in refreshing drinks like iced teas or cocktail and mocktail recipes, this ingredient-combination is very popular. A special Tipp of the tea expert to try at home: Mix Matcha with soda water, lime and a little agave sirup to create a great virgin Matcha-rinha!


During the hot summer months consumers are always searching for refreshments with a twist. One alternative to regular drinks are delicious smoothies. Search no more: The combination of melon, matcha and cucumber, maybe with a banana on top to make the smoothie creamier and add a little sweetness, is amazing. Ready is your A+ candidate for the next best-seller in the fridge of your grocery store. Fertig ist der 1-A Kandidat für den nächsten Best-Seller in the refrigerated section.


Matcha is great with exotic fruits. Especially passion fruit or maracuja is an excellent partner for the finely ground green tea. passt hervorragend zu exotischen Früchten. This ingredient combination is unveiling its aroma especially well when used in (combination with) dark chocolate. Experience the summer explosion for your taste buds – get yourself carried away into that vacation feeling!



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