Product safety of tea


We prioritize product safety of tea, especially when it comes to our unique quality Matcha. Discover how to identify authentic Matcha by visiting our download area or contacting us!


Even years post-Fukushima (2011), we maintain strict quality checks on our high-quality, carefully examined products. This is standard practice for us, even as all imports since the incident have been verified as uncontaminated.

Since Fukushima, the check of our teas for radioactivity has become a standard at AIYA. All measurements of our products were in the non-detectable area. This corresponds to our high standards of quality and safety.

For insights into the product safety of our tea, visit our download area to view test results. For more detailed information on any of our offerings, feel free to contact us.

quality certificates
quality certificates


Aluminum, Earth’s third most abundant element, naturally occurs in various foods, including our matcha, through soil absorption. We take extra measures to prevent additional contamination beyond this natural content. For more inquiries on the topic of “aluminum,” please reach out to