Tea Latte Mixes

The Food Trend for everybody.

In the café scenes across Europe, tea latte mixes have gained substantial traction. Specifically, they serve as a refreshing alternative to coffee-based beverages. Customers, always eager for novelty, are particularly attracted to these unique concoctions. In the realm of gastronomy, these blends of tea and milk or plant-based liquids are notably successful.

Among the various options, Matcha stands out. This finely ground Japanese green tea is versatile in its use. Not only can it be enjoyed on its own, but it can also be paired with milk or plant-based beverages. This adds an extra layer of richness and complexity to the drink.

Similarly, chai latte is another flavorful choice that has garnered a following. Particularly in European cafes, it enjoys considerable popularity. Last but not least, Hojicha Latte is the latest sensation to emerge from Japan. Unlike traditional Matcha, it has a roasted base. As a result, it offers a sweet and nutty experience that is capturing attention.

Available in rationable 1kg stand up pouches.


Tea Latte Mixes


The special combination of the amino acid L – theanine with caffeine in Matcha causes a particularly long-lasting, concentration-enhancing effect of the green superfood.

This combination of ingredients also provides a gentle boost of energy in the AIYA Matcha for Latte Mix to Go. In the practical 1 kg stand-up pouch, the premix is perfect for the catering trade or for further processing. By the way: Matcha Latte can also be enjoyed as an Iced Matcha Latte.

Chai Latte Mix


Another flavor of tea latte mixes is AIYA Chai for Latte Mix to Go. It is the trendy tea latte for autumn and winter. In the practical 1kg stand-up pouch, the creation is perfect for the catering industry.

With its high black tea powder content and gentle sweetness, the product is particularly well suited for the quick and easy preparation of Chai Latte & Chai Smoothies. The mix is certified organic, ensures a creamy, unforgettable tea experience and is particularly popular in the cold season thanks to its fine, warm seasoning.

Hojicha Latte Mix


AIYA Hojicha for Latte Mix to Go is the latest innovation from Japan. Conveniently packaged in a 1kg stand-up pouch, the creamy temptation will quickly find many fans among restaurateurs and customers.

For AIYA Hojicha for Latte Mix to Go, only the purest Tencha (the pure leaf flesh of the green tea, without stalks and veins) is carefully roasted and then finely ground. The result: a nutty-sweet drinking pleasure with little caffeine, unique and suitable for all age groups.