In any hospitality setting, be it a hotel, restaurant, or café, providing a diverse range of hot beverages alongside the traditional coffee is becoming the norm. Options like Matcha Latte and Chai Latte do more than just broaden your drink selection; they also lend a contemporary flair to your establishment. Matcha offers various ways to enhance the overall menu in the catering and hotel industry.

a woman grabs a glass of matcha latte

According to a Statista online survey, 19.5% of Germans, 14.8% of Austrians and 17.7% of Swiss cannot or very reluctantly do without Matcha, turmeric or chai latte.

The AIYA matcha and tea powder products open up previously unimagined possibilities in gastronomy and enrich the world of exquisite dishes, desserts and tea latte drinks. Our tea powders are 100% natural, organic, vegan and contain no preservatives or additives. Expand your repertoire with the finest Japanese Matcha, Hojicha or black tea and bring internationality into your kitchen. There are no limits to you and your imagination.

(Source: Statista (2020), approx. 1000 participants, 18-65 years online survey)



The modern trendsetter

Matcha Latte is THE Japanese drink, which is now a must-have of a contemporary restaurant. Offer your guests Matcha Latte, because the color and taste of the Matcha are full-bodied but gentle. However, Matcha Latte is not only a pleasure warm. With ice cubes, it is the perfect soft drink, which also wakes you up thanks to the caffeine it contains.

a Matcha Latte with milk foam on top served in a glass mug
Matcha catering and hotel


Sweet, savory, as food or drink

How you want to serve your Matcha to your guests is entirely up to you. Whether as an innovative cocktail, a unique dessert or a classic hot drink – there are no limits to your creativity.


The creamy seduction

In addition to Matcha, we also offer Chai Latte for your gastronomy. Our Chai Latte is a combination of the finest organic black tea, exotic spices and a gentle sweetness that should not be missing from any innovative drinks menu.

chai latte with milk foam on top served in a glass mug
Two matcha powder


No more bitter matcha

Frequent accounts suggest that the Matcha served in the catering and hotel industry can often be bitter and unpalatable. Put an end to this. With our AIYA Matcha, we assure you of a smooth, umami flavor that meets the highest organic quality standards.