We are proud of being the Japanese market leader in Matcha tea. We set highest standards and offer best product quality under ideal environmental conditions. We have started working this way long before Matcha became a worldwide trend product. Our company was founded more than 130 years ago, and we still continue carrying on the family tradition.


AIYA produces highest Matcha quality. Our teas not only inspire the masters of the Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony, but are also very popular in the tea, food and beverage industries.

AIYA teas are among the safest tea products in the world. As the market leader in Matcha tea and tea products for the industry, meeting strict international food standards is a must for us. The high demands in terms of food safety and hygiene have received multiple awards: AIYA is FSSC 22000 certified (plus AIB Superior) and also meets the quality criteria of EU-BIO, NOP-BIO and JAS-BIO. Selected products are even Rainforest Alliance certified. In addition, our products are kosher and halal.

We do not just make green teas, we also think green – tea must be produced under the best environmental conditions. That’s why we were one of the first tea companies ever to grow organic tea in 1978. Over 40 years of experience in organic farming has resulted in a combination that was previously considered impossible: AIYA organic tea stands for highest reliability, while at the same time achieving highest quality of conventional teas.

From chocolate to ice cream – the result convinces in terms of taste and color as well as customer acceptance.


For us the term family business does not only mean that we are still family-owned and operate completely independently, but family business also means that all people involved in our products belong to the AIYA family. For example, our tea farmers. The intensive and trusting cooperation with the best tea farmers of Japan is the basis for our organic Matcha.

Many tea farmers have been working with AIYA for several generations. The farmers care about their fields, the plants and the harvest, but also about the quality of the product. AIYA buys the entire harvest to ensure their stable income. But that’s not all: we are partners and consultants for tea producers in all matters. We make sure that only the best ingredients for the production of natural fertilizers is used, and we engage in what natural, biological defense is best against pests. Moreover we also invest our time in what causes plant stress and what possibilities there are in order to reduce them.

The joint development of our products ensures exclusive quality and is fun – for generations.


Being the Japanese market leader in Matcha tea we set highest standards and offer best product quality under ideal environmental conditions. For more than 130 years, our company is operated as a family business.



AIYA is Japans only tea company offering comprehensive global resource- and service offices to support our international customers. In Europe, we have implemented two retail brands: aiya – THE TEA and KISSA Tea.