Matcha, Tea Powder & Leaf Tea

AIYA is Japan’s largest Matcha producer and also the largest supplier of organic green tea. We inform and advise you comprehensively about Matcha and the various application possibilities, as well as other Tea Powders and Premium Green Teas.

About Aiya

AIYA is Japan’s largest Matcha producer as well as the largest provider for organic green tea. Our qualities are grown under optimal environmental conditions.

Aiya Product Range

Discover our diverse assortment in the world of tea. We are known for our organic Matcha – the noble ground green, our tea powders as well as our premium green teas.

Ways to use Matcha

With Matcha there are endless possibilities to create matcha applications – from milk and yoghurt products to chocolate and biscuits to ice cream.

Product Safety

Product safety plays a key role in this – we are happy to provide you with all the necessary information, certificates and analyzes.

Fight Fake Matcha
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Discover our News section. We will inform you about the world of Matcha and let you know about our upcoming fairs, where you can meet us in person.

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