Matcha tea is considered as THE natural superfood next to goji berries. Why? Because of the large number of valuable ingredients, which range from vitamin C and zinc to antioxidants. So it’s no wonder that Matcha is also very popular as a supplement in powder or capsule form.

Matcha is green tea ground in stone mills. This means that with Matcha you eat the tea leaf as a whole and you consume 100% of the nutrients it contains.

Due to the variety of valuable ingredients, matcha has significant physical and psychological benefits for the body. Compared to a cup of green tea, Matcha contains 10 times more of the healthy ingredients. This makes Matcha perfect as an ingredient in supplements, protein powders and more.



Everything included from A to Z

From antioxidants to zinc, the green powder contains many nutrients that can provide body and mind benefits to the human body, especially when consumed regularly. The best part? In addition, Matcha has the taste umami (meaning something like “tasty”, “delicious and spicy”) and is therefore also very good in terms of taste.


Calm energy and focus

Matcha has two other awesome ingredients: Caffeine & L-Theanine. The amino acid L-theanine, which is produced by the long shading of the tea, has a calming effect and gives the invigorating character of the tea caffeine a gentle note. The effect: calm energy and concentration that last far longer than those of coffee. Without any side effects.


for skin, hair and a long life

Antioxidants bind free radicals in the body and thus serve to protect cells. Thus, they have a positive effect on health. Matcha is the natural food with the most antioxidants. Much more than blueberries, pomegranates or goji berries.


No limits with Matcha

Because Matcha comes in powder form, it’s particularly easy to process or add to products. Our Matcha also meets all the requirements to be used as an application for supplements or the like. The high quality of our products has been officially confirmed many times. So nothing stands in the way of using Matcha for your next product.