Through our products, we aim to inspire. Our objective isn’t to promote the purchase of the most affordable Matcha tea. Quite the opposite – we strive to present items of exceptional quality, backed by our dedication to quality certificates. This commitment drives our daily efforts, in collaboration with our parent company in Japan.


AIYA Matcha is the result of this work: a broad product portfolio, exceptional product quality, a traditional product with a modern impression. Our Matcha is 100 % Matcha – not stretched, not brightened. Pure and clear. All our products are undergoing strict quality controls, which you, as our customer, can examine at any time.

Of course, after the events in Fukushima, also an analysis for radioactivity is part of our standard. The respective analysis can be requested for every single product. By the way: all products that have been imported since the accident have proven uncontaminated.


Notably, we achieved IFS Broker certification in 2021. Moreover, this recognition underscores our commitment to exceptional product quality and safety in all aspects of our processes and services. Our ongoing dedication to upholding the utmost standards is officially validated by the IFS certificate.

IFS Zertifikat
ecocert certificate


Since 1978, AIYA has produced organic teas. Yoshio Sugita, our fourth-genereation president, and award-winning tea maker Tetsuo Ishikawa are Japanese organic tea pioneers

Decades of belief in the original quality of our Japan teas pays off: AIYA is the only tea company in Japan that can offer its teas worldwide as certified organic products.

Our products are EU BIO and JAS (Japan) certified organic. In addition, AIYA has independent branches in each major world region, which can take over the bio-import and offer locally certified organic products.

In our download area you can see our certificate of Ecocert IMO GmbH, Switzerland.


All of our organic tea products are tested by Eurofins, Dr. Specht Laboratorien GmbH in Hamburg. We are sending a sample of every single production lot to the laboratory, to be tested for possible pesticide residues.

These pesticide residue assessments encompass traces of plant-protection treatments, preservatives, and pest control agents. As a result, our teas comply with the foodstuffs and commodities regulations. Furthermore, you can also rest assured that you consistently receive impeccable products from AIYA, supported by our quality certificates.

Check out an example analysis in our download area.

quality certificates
quality certificates


Since the events in Fukushima (2011), testing our tea for radioactive residues has been standard practice for us. We are proud that since the accident all measured values of our products were in the non-detectable range and therefore uncontaminated. This corresponds to our high standards of quality and safety.

For an exemplary test or further analyses of all our qualities we are looking forward to your inquiry. Please contact us: info@aiya-europe.com .