Matcha for Food

In the food industry, the imperative for creativity, novel flavor pairings, and innovative products is especially critical. Within this context, Matcha has emerged as a groundbreaking ingredient for food. This underscores why the demand for new innovations in the sector is effectively a foregone conclusion.

Matcha for food

Above all, the newly defined fifth flavor, umami, brings a breath of fresh air to the food market. Umami means “delicious” and describes the taste of the natural flavor enhancer glutamate. This is also increasingly contained in Matcha. Matcha is therefore particularly in demand at the moment and scores twice in the food industry.

Matcha is a type of tea that is traditionally ground into a fine powder. This results in endless possibilities to create different applications that achieve excellent results in terms of taste, color or customer acceptance.

Products such as ice cream, chocolate or mixed milk/yoghurt drinks are particularly popular. Matcha in the form of Matcha latte, Matcha cappuccino or Matcha smoothies is also becoming increasingly popular in gastronomy. The application possibilities of matcha are almost limitless.



Dosage white chocolate: 1 – 2%
Dosage milk chocolate: 2 -3%
Dosage dark chocolate: at least 5%

The most popular use of Matcha in chocolate is based on white chocolate. The color and taste of the Matcha come into their own here. The result is a great green color with excellent taste. With milk chocolate, the focus is on the combination of Matcha with other raw materials.

When combined with dark chocolate, the delicate taste of Matcha tea is usually masked. Accordingly, the focus here is on the effect of the powder, since both high-proof chocolate and Matcha contain antioxidants.

Matcha chocolate stacked up
Matcha ice cream


Dosage: 0.8 – 2.5%

Base: Vanilla base with low fat content. Result: Creamy, pleasantly light-tasting ice cream, sweet and mild green tea taste.


Dosage: 0.6 – 1.2%, or 2 g to 500 ml

Milk/yoghurt mix drinks
Basis: milk, yoghurt, soy milk, other milk alternatives
Result: High-quality mixed milk/yoghurt drink, light green colour, a pleasantly mild and light green tea taste, also ideal in combination with other flavors.
Dosage: Two grams of Matcha are enough for a 500 ml drink.

a cold matcha drink in a glass
Matcha Smoothie in a glass bottle


Basis: water, fruit juice
Result: Fantastic, natural green and a pleasant Matcha aroma. Theine and L-theanine provide an energy boost that lasts 3-6 hours. The best thing about it: there are no unpleasant side effects of coffee, such as the well-known caffeine hole!

Our Matcha meets all the requirements to be used as an application for food. The high quality of our products has been officially confirmed several times. Read more about our Quality-certificates.