Matcha Foodpairing in Fall

Do you know the concept of Foodpairing? “Foodpairing” is the combination of different food ingredients which blend particularly well from a flavor perspective. The exceptional pairings of ingredients created by Foodpairing are very popular sources of inspiration for Haute Cuisine, but also famous when discovering new taste experiences.

The exotic twist in Matcha is created by the typical “umami”-note (Japanese: “umami” = “good taste”). It complements the other four tastes: sweet, sour, salty and bitter, and is fairly unknown in Europe. In combination with one of the four other tastes, Matcha’s umami offers a wide creative playground, also in fall. Which ingredients fit best to Matcha? We have collected some suggestions:

Our first ingredient combination for our foodpairing series in fall is Matcha and apple. While Matcha’s umami flavor brings a characteristic richness, apple has a fresh, sparkling effect. The blend of these two ingredients works particularly well in fresh juices or smoothies.

This week’s ingredient combination for our foodpairing series in fall is Matcha and almonds. Those of you who have already tried Matcha latte with almond milk have experienced the smoothing effect of almond on Matcha. Almonds generally tend to “mask” the umami flavor a little, making it rounder and more gentle. Thus, the combination works well in shakes, smoothies, sweets, cakes, and other bakery product, just to name a few examples.

Our third ingredient pairing is Matcha and plum. Plum adds rich sweetness to your Matcha experience, making the combination ideal for jams, fruit preparations, or seasonal joghurt and icecream creations.



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