Japanese green tea specialities

AIYA Europe is not only an expert in the field of Matcha, the most precious green tea in the world. We also have a long experience in the cultivation of Japanese green teas. In Matcha’s home country, Japan, people are especially fond of green tea. This is why it is our speciality. Three particularly popular types of green tea we want to present in detail in this article.

Unlike other types of green tea, Sencha teas are not shaded before harvest. The are very fresh in taste and have a grassy aroma. And they have a high content of EGCG ( = epigallocatechingallat), a powerful antioxidans which helps the human body combat free radicals.


The valuable Gyokuro tea is shaded for up to 3 weeks before harvest. During that process, 90 % of the sunlight are filtered and the plant consequently produces a lot more chlorophyll and amino acids than without the shading process. What is more, as a consequence of the shading, the tea plant also accumulates less bitter substances, resulting in a slightly sweet taste with a typical umami note.


Among the many different types of green teas in Japan, a very interesting speciality is Genmaicha.Genmaicha is typically a mix of Sencha and roasted or puffed rice. This adds an aromatic, malty and nutty note to the tea. Genmaicha is delicious when enjoyed hot as well as cold! In Japan, Genmaicha is consumed as a typical New Year’s tea.




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