The Journey of our Tea

Every year our tea is experiencing a long journey, from Japan to your cup of tea here in Europe. Follow this journey along with us! Join us on the trip of our tea and find out step by step, what’s behind our exclusive creations and their extraordinary quality.

From our fields to your cup:
The Journey of our tea

In early March, the Japanese tea plantations are shaded with large nets – after six weeks, the rich-green leaves are ready for harvest. Did you know that green tea is only cultivated in Japan? In addition to this specialization, Japan has impressive tea ceremonies for over 100 of years. Japan is not only a unique country but its green tea is a special taste experience.

The tea expert Thomas Grömer accompanies us every year for the harvest in Japan – and he is tasting the first Aracha tea of the new season: “This year the temperatures was very cool for a period – therefore the harvest will start 10 years later than usually. Nevertheless, the quality is outstanding! ” Summed up: the harvest is more than perfect to immerse into the world of  green tea.

From the tea leaf to “Aracha”
Eine Frau erntet Teeblätter

The freshly harvested leaves are transported on the quickest way to small tea manufacturers, where they are steamed with water steam and subsequently dried at a temperature of 180° C. At this stage, the tea is called “Aracha” – raw tea.

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