Refreshment Tips for Summer

Time flies. The school year is over, holidays are starting, temperatures are rising and the summer heat is coming up. While kids and students enjoy their days at pools or lakes, others are bravely holding the fort in the office. Even if some of us might enjoy the services of an air condition, the days in front of the screen can sometimes feel really long. An with the sun shining outside, a creamy icecream at 30 °C seems a lot more attractive than emails and business meetings.

What are the best strategies to cope with the heat?
Our special refreshment – tipps help you to keep cool during the summer months.

1. Warm tea is the ideal summer drink. It reduces the body temperature and is thus a lot less stressful for the overheated body than cold alternatives! This wisdom is also known by the beduins who drink loads of hot tea on their trips through the desert…

2. Hot temperatures make our fluid requirements rise to 3 – 4 times the regular amount. An appropriate intake of liquid supports the cooling of our body.

3. The fluid intake should be as continuous as possible. The body can utilize the precious liquids best, when there is always enough disposable fluid for the current need.

4. Tea is low in calories, free from sugar and deliciously refreshing when enjoyed at body temperature. These characteristics make it more healthy than juices or lemonades: The best tasty alternative to water!


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