Our claim: to offer you and your customers original Matcha in a unique quality. Learn more about how to recognize genuine Matcha in our download area or by getting in touch with us!


Our products are of a very high quality and carefully examined. Even years after the events in Fukushima (2011), we continue our rigorous quality checks. This is a matter of course for us, even if all imported products since the accident have proven uncontaminated.

Since Fukushima, the check of our teas for radioactivity has become a standard at AIYA. All measurements of our products were in the non-detectable area. This corresponds to our high standards of quality and safety.

In our download area you can see a typical test result. You can always ask us for detailed information according all of our products. Contact us.


Aluminum, the third most common element of the earth’s crust, is found in many foods, including our matcha. The absorption in the plant takes place quite naturally over the ground.Of course, we prevent contamination of our products, in addition to the natural content. For further questions about the topic “aluminum” please contact: