Cheers to our everyday heroes

Covid-19 has taught us many things: Where our priorities really are. That toilet paper seems to be one of the most crucial products for survival in our society. But also, how fragile our economy and social system are, and that we are all more or less big or small when facing a pandemic. That sometimes, it is necessary to close ranks. That some things can be solved more easily together than alone. How important social contacts are for our wellbeing (the personal ones, not the ones we cultivate via social media!). That there are numerous people who push their personal boundaries very far when facing a pandemic like Corona, in order to help themselves and others. These are our personal everyday heroes, whose impact and achievements we cannot praise enough.

This is why we at AIYA want to take this opportunity right here, right now, to officially THANK so many:
Everyone who helps keep our medical care up and running. Everyone who contributes that we have enough food and stay well-equipped with the most necessary goods and services we need at home. All of those who are caring for our children when we can’t do so ourselves. All employers who made it possible for us to work from home. All of those who do the grocery shopping for seniors. All of those, who take back their own necessities for the welfare of the community. And all of those, who do not lose faith and courage, but instead have a positive outlook to the future.

Join us and thank your personal everyday heroes, from parents to doctors, nurses or shop assistants.

Who do you want to say THANK YOU to?


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