Be my Valentine!

Valentine’s Day has developed into a special occasion with the character of an event. Between commerce-driving enthusiasm and indifferent restraint we dare to look behind the scenes of February 14th.

The origin of the name Valentine’s Day is not entirely clear. The majority of the sources is tracing the day to Saint Valentine of Rome. Following the legend, during the persecution of Christians Valentine married numerous soldiers who officially would not have had the right to get married. As a consequence, he died the martyr’s death.

During the 18th century, people in England took the chance on February 14th to show their love by making presents of flowers or candy. For the same occasion, it was very popular to exchange greeting cards, which were called “Valentines” back then.
In some regions of Europe, lovers give each other “Valentines keys”, as a romantic symbol of granting access to their hearts.
A similar tradition exists in Italy: Lovers hang “Love locks” on bridges and throw the keys into the water underneath, together with a secret wish.
The custom in Japan requires women to give chocolates to men. Depending on the intensity of affection the price and quality of these chocolate gifts vary.

Irrespective of the particular regional expression of the traditions, what unifies the character of Valentine’s day all over the world is a massive increase in the commercialization of this special day. Opinions diverge on the appropriateness of these developments. Shouldn’t we show our love and affection regularly, throughout the whole year, instead of focusing all the attention on one single day? Or is this day only one more welcome occasion, in addition to daily declarations of love, for giving your partner a special treat?

Also for Matcha fans there are plenty of ideas for small gifts on February 14th, which fit both, supporters of the first, as well as of the second theory: Sweet greetings from the Matcha Bakery are a wonderful gesture to our loved ones. They come directly from our hearts and do not only represent the delightful moment itself. The time dedicated for the production of the delicacies is an additional, very precious, romantic message to the partner. Eventually, this resource nowadays is an especially rare commodity. Dedicating it to our loved ones is probably a bigger evidence of our affection than the monetary value of countless gifts…

Happy Valentine!

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