Welcome 2020!

At the end of a year we take stock. What did the old year bring? Which successes did we celebrate? Which setbacks did we learn from? At the same time, we take the chance to make plans. This hindsight and preview are especially interesting at the beginning of a new decade. The course of 10 years offers a lot more substance for summary and outlook than the comparatively short time frame of 12 months.

Where do the trends go, which changes did the period from 2010 to 2019 bring, when are we asked to take initiative? The protection of our climate and the environmentMe Too and the increasing digitalization move our society and will definitely continue to coin the upcoming years. Topics like healthy living, regional sourcing, fitness, veganism or clean eating are about to change the direction of our way of eating and living.

The popularity of Matcha in Europe is a vivid proof for many of these trends::

The rising interest in foreign cultures (together with a certain level of wealth) is resulting in increasing willingness to travel and curiosity for food and drinks from other parts of the world. The Health- and Fitness Trend is encouraging us to discover new food and drinks products with special advantages for our health. Thus, we promote our welfare with the right nutrition and reconcile body and mind. Natural food products, which can be prepared carefully at home, turn even the way to a meal into an adventure. Traditional rituals help us dive into other cultures, into the consciousness of ones self or into a special moment of relaxation.  We owe ourselves to take advantage of these occasions. They increase our wellbeing and send us out to a journey in search of the perfect gourmet moment.

We want to continue this journey for the new decade. We take the beginning of the new year as a chance to get rid of old baggage, visually as well as literally. We sum up the past to make us free for new adventures. January is our Detox-month. Regular Matcha consumption included, of course. Eventually the green gold is helping us channel our energy, concentrate better and combat free radicals. So many positive characteristics can hardly be a crime…