From antioxidants to vitamins to amino acids. Matcha brings with it a variety of nutrients that are also beneficial for our skin. It’s no wonder that matcha is currently considered THE trending ingredient and is continuing to conquer the cosmetics industry.

Matcha is only available as a drink? That’s not true. Due to its many health benefits, matcha is now also an integral part of cosmetic products.

Matcha is green tea ground in stone mills. This means that with Matcha you consume the tea leaf as a whole and thus absorb 100% of the nutrients it contains – vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids & Co. This makes Matcha particularly suitable as a component of cosmetics and care products.



Everything included from A to Z

From antioxidants to zinc, the green powder contains many nutrients that can be beneficial for the human body, especially if consumed regularly. No natural food contains so many good ingredients. Great color, even better ingredients. Perfect for your next cosmetic product.


Suitable for sensitivity

The fact that matcha contains an incredible amount of chlorophyll is crystal clear from the color. It also has a detoxifying and wound-healing effect. The amino acid L-theanine, which is produced by the long shading of the tea, has a calming effect on a sensitive and dry complexion. Bring natural ingredients perfectly combined into your cosmetic product with Matcha. It may not change the world, but it will change the cosmetics industry.


For skin and hair

Antioxidants bind free radicals in the body and thus serve to protect cells. The antioxidants found in Matcha prevent free radicals from penetrating and damaging the skin cell membrane. Thus, matcha can have a proactive effect on the skin’s external appearance.


No limits with Matcha

Whether decorative cosmetics or care products – Matcha can do both. Because matcha comes in powder form, it’s particularly easy to process or add to products. Our Matcha also meets all the requirements to be used as an application for cosmetics & Co. The high quality of our products has been officially confirmed many times. Read more about our quality certificates here. So your next cosmetic product can easily be upgraded with the excellent ingredients of Matcha.