About Aiya


For us the term family business does not only means that we are still family-owned and operate completely independently but family business also means that all people involved in our products belong to the AIYA family. For example, our tea farmers. The intensive and trusting cooperation with the best tea farmers of Japan is the basis for our Organic Matcha.

Many tea farmers have been working with AIYA for several generations. The farmers care about their fields, the plants and the harvest, but also about the quality of the product. AIYA buys the entire harvest to ensure their stable income. But that’s not all: we are partners and consultants for tea producers in all matters. We make sure that only the best ingredients for the production of natural fertilizer is used and we engage in what natural, biological defense is best against pests. Moreover we also invest our time in what causes plant stress and what possibilities there are in order to reduce them.

The joint development of our products ensures exclusive quality and is fun – for generations.


Aiya produces the highest Matcha quality. Our teas not only inspire the masters of the Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony, but are also very popular in the tea, food and beverage industries. For us, Matcha is more than just a trend – it’s over 130 years of family tradition.

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During a traditional tea ceremony every move, every step, every moment is precisely defined. The Matcha tea ceremony is taking place in a special room of the size of exactly 4,5 Tatami-Mats. (One Tatami-Mat made of rice straw has the size of 170 x 85 cm or 10 squarefeet).

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